Nature Knows How Best To Heal

Though you may not realise there is quite a complex science behind aromatherapy. An essential oil is a sophisticated substance, made up from many chemical components that give each oil a unique set of properties, its own identity and its own healing traits. Having a real understanding of the properties of these powerful concentrated oils and understanding which are suitable for certain skin types and ailments is vitally important to knowing how best to heal using the best that nature can offer.

Essential oils can be drawn into our body’s system by inhalation, through hot or cold compresses, within our bathing routine or by absorption through our skin. The healing touch of aromatherapy massage and facial treatments, offered by A-RomaRose, relies mainly on dermal absorption through the structure of the skin. Though we offer our clients advice on methods of safely using essential oils by other means.

The process of dermal absorption takes place when tiny molecules of essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream enhancing cell renewal, circulation, detoxification, whilst the aromas act on the deepest part of the brain to enhance mood and emotions. The healing touch of aromatherapy uses tailor made blends of essential oils and specialist carrier oils within massage and skin care products. These ingredients are selected to suit to a client’s skin type, nature of the treatment being administered and desired outcomes. Massage treatments offered by A-RomaRose are designed to to stimulate the nervous system which will in turn re-balance parts of the body effected by physical or mental stress.

About Our Awareness Events

Raising the profile about the real therapeutic power of essential oils and the art of aromatherapy is a mission for A-RomaRose by way of our awareness events.

Our informative events will include practical demonstrations of aromatherapy massage techniques and facial skin care routines as well as inviting members of our client base to speak about their own success stories through having benefitted from our treatments. We encourage audience participation at these events too as we make a placeholder in our schedule to take questions and offer one to one consultations that aim to explain how aromatherapy could work to promote your own health and wellbeing.