Nature Knows Your Skin Code

Each of us have a unique skin type which is determined by our genetic code. So understanding our skin code is essential to maintaining and repairing our skin. The health of our skin will look, behave and feel different throughout our life. It is affected by the state of our health and wellbeing, environmental factors can affect our skin such as the climate and of course our skin is affected by the natural cycle of the ageing process. Through your client consultation we aim to establish how the therapeutic healing properties of essential oils will provide a sustained result for healthy skin and a clear complexion.

Our skin responds to the ingredients that we use on it. Skin care based on botanical sources can noticeably enhance our skin’s state of health and ability to repair itself. Synthetic alternatives to plant ingredients can provide superficial effects but can also distract our skin from its own ability to strengthen and repair itself. Nature really does hold the keys to understanding our skin code. A-RomaRose treatments are designed to cooperate with your unique skin code. All of our skin care products are made using pure essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils and naturally occuring organic ingredients. Our skin care products are created especially for you making them completely unique so that your skin health can be maximised.

About Our Awareness Events

Raising the profile about the real therapeutic power of essential oils and the art of aromatherapy is a mission for A-RomaRose by way of our awareness events.

Our informative events will include practical demonstrations of aromatherapy massage techniques and facial skin care routines as well as inviting members of our client base to speak about their own success stories through having benefitted from our treatments. We encourage audience participation at these events too as we make a placeholder in our schedule to take questions and offer one to one consultations that aim to explain how aromatherapy could work to promote your own health and wellbeing.